Do you want to surprise someone with an unforgettable birthday? Or do you want to give your birthday guests a wonderful night? This is possible on the VIP deck in Club Kokomo!

If it’s your birthday, you will be put on the guest list with your whole group, so you don’t have to queue up. After that your coats will be put in a special place, so that it won’t take long to get them. When you have been guided to the special enclosed VIP deck, the party will start right away. The champagne can be poured and you can all start dancing. Because of the location of our specially prepared VIP deck and the attention given to the birthday boy or girl, this will be an unforgettable birthday. Of course there will be some small snacks, so you won’t go hungry.

There are even more possibilities to make the birthday party even more complete:

with us you can follow a cocktail workshop at the start of the evening. Everything will be supervised by a professional cocktail shaker. This way you will learn to make the nicest cocktails and of course you can drink them.

And if you want to end the evening in the best way possible, it’s ideal to be able to go to bed two minutes after you’re done partying. We are connected to a high quality hotel, half a minute walk away from Club Kokomo.

The abovementioned tips are extras, which will be charged right away.

So do you want to give someone an unforgettable birthday? Or do you want to give your birthday guests the perfect night out? We with Club Kokomo will arrange it all! A stay at a hotel, extra drink tokens, or a cosy dinner beforehand, let us know, because anything is possible! Let’s make a night to remember and get the party started!